Do I need to reserve my bike in advance?

Yes! You will need to first buy a class credit. Then, head over to our schedule and choose which class you want to attend. Our bike map will pop up and you can choose which bike you'd like to reserve! You'll receive an email confirmation for your reservation. (:

It's my first time taking a spin class, will I be able to keep up?

Our classes are for people of all fitness levels! Our main objective is for you to ENJOY your workout, so please don't be intimidated! If you are new to indoor cycling, try to reserve a bike towards the back and take it at your own pace. It will be helpful to have a clear view of the instructor and other riders to get the flow of class. (:

What time should I arrive?

If it's your first time with us, please arrive at LEAST 15 minutes early to give us time to introduce ourselves, get you set up on your bike and go over the basics. Classes start on time, and we will not be able to let anyone in past the 5-minute mark.

Where can I put my stuff?

We have lockers in our lobby for your convenience. Feel free to put your stuff in any open locker during class!

Can I bring my phone in during class?

We encourage you NOT to bring your cell phone in during class as it is a dark room and can be very distracting to the instructor as well as other riders! We want to make it the best experience for everyone, so feel free to leave your cell phone in your locker during class. Also, it's a nice escape from reality!

Do you provide shoes?

Yes! If you'd like to clip in, we offer complimentary rental shoes. Our bikes have SPD clips. (:

What should I wear?

We recommend wearing athletic clothes (form fitting pants, shorts, etc.) and closed-toed shoes! We also offer complimentary spin shoe rentals if you prefer to clip in on the bike. If not, our bikes also have a toe strap for you to strap in with your own close-toed shoes.

What is the cancellation/no show policy?

Please make sure to cancel at least 6 hours before class to avoid a loss of credit or a $15 penalty fee. If you are a monthly member and late cancel or do not attend class, you will be charged $15. If you purchased a single class or a class pack, a late cancel or no show will result in a loss of credit. Of course, let our team know if you are having an emergency and cannot attend class.