Meet the Founder/Owner of Ride On, Julia. Born and raised in Tampa, FL, the sunshine state is where Julia’s heart is. She grew up a musician/singer, so music and performing has always been in her blood. During her health and wellness journey, Julia quickly developed a passion for spin and her love for it has only grown stronger. Formally involved in dance, choir, etc., she is used to being apart of a team, and thrives off the community that the spin and fitness industry has to offer. When taking her class, expect to level up in confidence and experience the biggest mood boost of your lifetime!



Will is originally from Hoboken, New Jersey and has lived in the Tampa area for about 3 years! He loves to workout, experience the outdoors and spend time with his family and pup, Bruno. With 2+ years of experience teaching indoor cycling, Will is excited to bring you all of the high energy, hip-hop/edm music and fun choreography on the bike! He’s aware the arm portion of class is only 3-4 minutes, but the burn says otherwise in his classes. Come see what Will is all about at Ride On!



Meet Ava! Originally from Syracuse, NY, Ava found her way to her new home in beautiful Tampa, FL to attend the University of Tampa where she currently studies. She has a deep passion for music, performance, and fitness of all kinds. She values body positivity, inclusivity and all things self-love and works to incorporate these values in everything she does. Ava is thrilled to join this new family and continue to grow alongside her team with every class. When taking her class, get ready to for a high energy, body-rocking 45 minutes that will build your confidence on and off the bike!



Janessa has been in Tampa all her life. Her and her husband are high school sweethearts and have 3 fur babies. She loves playing Stardew Valley, watching horror movies, taking her pup Finn to the park and of course, teaching and taking spin! While she works in fintech full time, fitness is her true passion. It helped pull her out of a deep depression, so she decided to instruct so she could return the favor and be that light for someone else who needs it.



Jenelle was born and raised in Pinellas County. By day, she is a teacher. By night, she puts on full blown performances in her living room mirror for her number one fan, her 8-year-old dog named Farrah! She found cycling when living in Nashville while going through a difficult and transformative period. She finds importance in making everyone feel welcomed and valued in her class. She is a dancer, performer, and believes in using our quirks to make a unique mark on this world. When taking her class, you can expect some good vibes, dancing on the bike and occasional singing to tunes.



Lexi has lived in Tampa, FL all her life! Lexi started cycling back in 2017 and started teaching in 2020. She loves anything hip hop or Latin but can cycle to anything with a good beat! Her favorite part of class is the very first song to set the tone for probably the only 45 mins you’ll get to yourself. During her free time, she loves to workout, go out with friends or go shopping with her cat AJ.